Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doing it all (Homeschool)

Another homeschool mom asked how others get everything on their schedule finished and done in a timely manner. My reply helped me sort through what I do with my own middle schooler. I decided to post it here - my second brain.

Eek! Rereading what I posted makes me sound like a slacker. We just finished our first full week and I hope to accomplish more as we find our groove over the next few weeks.

BTW, some of these classical education moms have seriously SCARY schedules for their children.

First post:
Sheepishly chiming in here. We do very little. My main goal is Latin, math, and writing every day. I would LOVE to do more but with three kiddos, weekly counseling appointments, and church meetings, it is all I can do right now. I still have hope for the future. ; )

A couple of things help. First, I try not to assign work in areas that she already does/enjoys. She is writing her own book and is reading The Lord of the Rings, so we aren't doing writing or literature lessons....yet.

The other thing that I do is try to find self teaching programs. For example:
Latin - Lively Latin
Math - Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1
Spelling - Phonetic Zoo

The other thought I've had is to teach subjects like a university does .... only 4-5 subjects a term and M,W,F, or T,TH schedules for each class/subject.

Second Post:
One more - have a cut off time. By 2pm I call it quits no matter how much we have left to do. There is always tomorrow.

BTW, I have a general idea of what I want to accomplish over a year, but I only put weekly goals in writing. I was getting angry when we got "behind."


Imagitext said...

You should have said: Only people who want to rule the world keep on schedule.

darkfire said...

I think the problem is more wide spread than just school. I think most people when they have the whole day to themselves are very wasteful. Personally, I am a big fan of my Franklin planner. "Each of us are given a check for 24 hours, no more no less, and we have to spend it all." I think it is important to have a general idea of where you want to be down the road, because you start picking activities today that will help you get there. I also love what Covey talks about and also the Franklin program, that you NEED to work in the things you truly want to do, because they aren't urgent like a ringing telephone or doorbell and they easily get push out of the way. I definitely struggle with having the whole day to myself to budget for housework, Ariana, and personal time.

Imagitext said...

Sooo If I need to work on the things I truly want to, I should flunk school and become a full time writer.

How come the princuble hasn't commented yet?

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

For the most part, a principal is an administrator. He/She doesn't usually get involved in the details of how knowledge is dispensed. They leave that up to the teacher. Of course, being a homeschool, we are a little different. Dad (aka the principal) lets me worry about the 3r's while he shares, teaches the things that are of interest to him (ex: astronomy, nature, Dr. Who, etc.)

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I think your blog must be a help to other home schoolers.

Regarding time management, I think there are some tasks that need to be done whether you want to do them or not, like cleaning the toilet. I have a routine on Monday mornings that Eldon calls the white tornado So when he gets home that day from Dial-a-bus the house is clean and the laundry is done. Usually. If I've had interruptions he pitches in and we get it done that day.

In the days of kids I couldn't do that much in one day and had to take more days out of my week to keep on top of the housework. I hear of some mothers doing a load of laundry every day!

There are thankless everyday recurring tasks that you just learn to enjoy the results of so those results keep you going. Personally I'm a nut about having all dirty dishes hidden away in the dishwasher and none in the sink or on the counters which are meant from other things. I just can't function in a kitchen with dishes in the sink. Maybe I have an obsessive compulsive disorder?