Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheese, Hairy Legs, and Gift Shop Knives

Saturday we drove to Tillamook to tour the cheese factory.  We decided to take in the local air museum also.  8yo began whining before we hit the air museum parking lot, so I volunteered to sit out in the Westfalia with her.  Shortly after settling in, I remembered that I had brought some of her school books with me in hopes of doing a little planning during the drive up to Tillamook.  I retrieved them from my parents SUV giving 8yo quite a shock .  Once she realized that mom wasn't kidding, she sat back in her seat, pulled out her tourist knife from the cheese factory gift shop, and proceeded to trim her leg hairs with the scissors attachment.  The doors were closed to keep the dog inside.  The windows were closed to keep the rain out.  The 8yo was happily trimming her hairy legs.  We were reviewing math and science.  It was all very muggy cozy.  

BTW, my legs received a trim also. ; )

Monday, September 6, 2010


We started school last week.  I was going to wait until after Labor Day but... why not?  We did a light schedule so the younger girls would have time to play with their neighborhood friends.  Here's my take on the first week:

The first day was tough.  It was like trying to ride a bike with a rusty chain.  Lots of exertion without moving very far along. Add in some awful squeaking noises.  12yo - compliance with frustration and tears.  8yo - non-compliance with copious amounts of whining

Day 2 - It was like someone oiled the chain.  Not as much exertion needed.  Moved more easily.

Days 3&4 - Did someone put a new chain on the bicycle overnight?  School went smoothly and ended a couple of hours earlier (for the 12yo).

Day 5 - We're in the groove.

I love the moment.  Ask me tomorrow and I might confess that at times I hate it.  Sometimes I experience both of these feelings all in one day.  Yeah, I'm the Bipolar Homescholar. ; )

This week we'll be adding more subjects and early morning seminary.