Monday, June 16, 2008

Being Different

You would think that by this point in my life (mid 40's) I would be used to being different. I should be comfortable in my own skin and let other people's perceptions and opinions of me roll off my back. I wish.

First, I am a member of a church that is at times accused of being a cult. And, because I am a member of this church there are many that would say that I am not a Christian. I don't drink, smoke, or shop on Sunday. I am different. Square peg, round hole.

Next, I homeschool. Not only am I viewed as being different from the majority of Christians, now I'm even different from most members of my own faith. Some of my most vocal critics have been people with whom I attend church. Purple square peg with green polka dots, round hole.

Then, I don't let my daughters attend sleepovers. What? Not do sleepovers?! If people questioned my normalcy before, they really do once this bit of parenting comes to light. Even within the homeschool community this is seen as being extreme. HAIRY purple square peg with green polka dots, round hole.

Can you tell that someone tried to guilt me into shaving my hair today? Thanks anyway, but I think I'll keep my hair...and my purple color with green polka dots....and my square shape.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

One thing I most enjoy about my children and grand children (and will I'm sure about my great grandchildren) is noticing their DIVERSITY! No two are alike. Each is unique. There may be similarities here and there, but not to any great extent.

As for homeschooling, some of the nicest people I know homeschool! Robin Thomson in our ward homeschools and her children are delightful. Mike's sister-in-law who lives in the big house homeschools. Jessica's friend she met at dance class is homeschooled. All I can think is "How does she do all that?" with awe and admiration.


sheryl said...

And in your bright pink room as well. Way to non-conform!

brenda said...

This is weird, I thought I commented on this post a few days ago. Must have hit a wrong button.

Keep on being yourself! We love you just how you are!

Neil said...

I'm thinking shaving hair is a metaphor here. But it got me thinking how once in awhile I'll be examining someones leg and they'll say something about not having shaved their leg recently enough, to which I'll reply "I lived in europe for 2 years-- hairy legs seem normal to me." And then, I was re-watching Chariots of Fire. If you ever do, check out the arm pits of Harold Abrams' girl friend. Anyway, back on topic, I too hope you'll be comfortable in your own style, and only conform to the "normalizing" pressures that seem to make sense, but realize you're by no means alone on the sleep-over thing. We'll allow sleep-overs in our house, but are very nervous about letting our kids go somewhere else. Way too much weird stuff, even when you wouldn't expect it. A CES speaker told us about letting his kids go to the their friends' house, then would pick his kids up at bedtime, telling them that was just a rule in their family.

Maggie May said...

i live in suburbia and my 'different' choices over the years have made me at times feel isolated or sad...for instance i breastfed for three years each baby, co=slept for years, and i even homeschooled for a year.

be proud of yourself and excuse my french, 'don't let the bastards get you down'.