Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Student = Happy Teacher

I am happy to announce that after SIX unrelenting weeks of digging in her heels, the 12 year old has decided to do her school with a cheerful attitude. Phew! Folks, I was getting tired. Words cannot express the unexpected relief I have experienced the last two days (how's that for ex's ?). I had no idea how much I dreaded doing school with said child.

What has turned the tide? Well, I wish I could say that it was my perseverance, but the truth probably is a change in math programs. She has been using Rod & Staff Math for the past three years. It is a solid math series but dd was ready to move on. I looked through R&S Math 8 and realized that minus the chapters on Geometry and Algebra much of it would be review for dd. So, we decided to jump ship after completing three chapters and started Algebra I on Monday. Algebra make someone happy? We're about to test that theory.

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