Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Teacher Store

A few times a year I plan a trip to the closest educational supply store (45 minute drive). It's a little stressful with the traffic of a bigger city, but it is so fun to go in and drool over all those cutesy elementary school themed supplies and cool educational toys. I usually come away a little disappointed because I tend to talk myself out of buying things I know I don't need.

Yesterday was a good trip, because I found some things that I wanted and knew I would use. I bought some colorful sight word readers for 7yodd. She read them to her Dad at bedtime last night. We also bought a set of word family cards.

Of course, sometimes it is the little things that are the most chalkboards! We use lap size chalkboards every day for homeschool and it was time for some new ones. Yeah!

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Imagitext said...

What? I didn't know about the chalkboards!