Friday, February 20, 2009

Like a Machine Gun

What made me so excited tonight that on the way home my mouth was firing off as fast as a machine gun?


I went to the Friends of the Library annual book sale where I found a 2007 set of World Book Encyclopedias for $100. They are beautiful. My 10yodd and I both marveled that some of them felt as if they had never been opened. A note with the set quoted the online price of $300, while a new set at the World Book online store is $829. I'm thrilled to finally have a set, and a nice one at that.

Isn't it interesting what makes some people happy? ;)


Gail said...

If it works like the "olden days," you should be able to pick up an annual update volume. Back in the day they were $30 and came with stickers to put in the main set to alert you to check the annual. And I agree, that is a find!

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

I went back today and the books were 1/2 off. I got the last set of encyclopedias for my sister. She told me her 1991 set still has the U.S.S.R. Oh my!

brenda said...

Wow. What a great find! I used to LOVE pouring over our set as a child. The internet is great, but nothing beats the feel of a heavy book in your hands.