Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am NOT as smart as an 8th grader!

So, at 11 p.m. tonight I sat down to do my homework. Homework? Yes, you read right...homework. And it's not just any homework mind you, it's eighth grade math. Why am I doing 8th grade math every night before heading off to bed? Because I want to know how many gallons of water per day are needed to supply 40,000 chickens if each chicken drinks an average of 3/4 cup per day. No, really it is because I'm tired of feeling stupid when I go through dd's math lessons with her. It is extremely embarrassing to have my 8th grader have to tell me how to do a math problem. Yes, that has actually happened....numerous times. I tried reviewing the lesson ahead of time, but I still found myself not being able to work some of the problems on the spot. I finally decided that the best way to tackle this problem was to actually work the problems myself.

I have no idea how I made it through College Algebra. (picture me scratching my head)

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brenda said...

I know. Berkeley is way beyond me and he knows it. I know I could learn it again, but it's been 20 years!!!

Great blog! (Glad I found it--were you ever going to tell anyone? You have to broadcast it--send it out to your whole email list.)