Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unwanted guests

I found myself dancing with an unwanted guest last my bare feet! After jumping over him several times and squealing an expletive or two, I convinced him to go sit in the corner. Fast forward to tonight. I guess he thought the coast was clear to hit on me again once hubby went off to bed. But, my faithful kitty came to my rescue. Although I must sadly report that the cat decided to help another creature join the "one less leg" club. I'll have to tell you about the slugs hubby found in the kitchen this morning another time.

BTW, I spent a considerable amount of time online trying to identify the spider. It could be a hobo or a giant house spider. Apparently, hobos are hard to identify because they look similar to several other spiders. Regardless, I had a good time lying on the floor with a flashlight and magnifying glass getting as good a look as one can through an 8X8 pyrex dish.


Imagitext said...

My guest was bigger and stayed for a longer time and I had to sleep with him in my room!

A lot of guys are hitting on you like the guy in the drive through. Dad had better watch out.

velvetelement said...

Aren't spiders great? We have a guy who comes every 3 months to spray and the spiders stay away, I love that guy!