Monday, July 7, 2008

Would you like a little cheese with....

that whine?

Six year old had a BM in the tub Thursday evening. She started with nausea and vomiting Saturday afternoon. As of Monday bedtime, we are pretty sure that her ear drum has burst. Her fevers have at times reached 104+.

Today, Monday, I took my 12yodd to her first appointment with a psychologist. I almost started crying. She's too young to be depressed.

I feel like a bad mommy.

Cramps the last couple of days haven't helped.


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Took 6 yodd to the ped this morning. He didn't think her ear had drained. (Picture me scratching my head...then what was all that crusty stuff in her ear that hadn't been there the day before?) She is now taking Amoxicillin twice a day for a week. She still has fever and an earache. Poor baby.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

She should get better soon now.


brenda said...

Is she better? Hope those antibiotics work.

On the bright side, is it good to catch depression young? It might make the teenage years go smoother, and help her to know that there are skills she can use to deal with problems. And that she is not alone in feeling these things.

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Yep, she's all better...except the whining seemed to stick with her. We're trying to cure that now. ;)

You are right. The psychologist pointed out that it is VERY important to work on her depression while she is young. She said it can come and go, so most likely she'll have to deal with it at some other point in her life.

sheryl said...

I'm not an expert on depression, obviously, as we are still dealing with the day to day with Jessica. We should have sought treatment a few years earlier, so it's great that you're getting help now.

Some things that have helped Jessica manage life are exercise and personal grooming (she's in control of her hairstyle/color and prescription acne medication has worked wonders). It's also important to have a big support group (it takes a village) of YW leaders, friends, relatives that she can talk to. My last suggestion is service (i.e. animal shelter or elderly sister in ward). This will help her feel good about herself and make some friends, too.

Isolation is dangerous and unhealthy. Satan wants us to "run and hide" and feel like no one understands us or cares. I would push her to be around other people that will validate her and help her self worth.

You're not a bad mom. It's not about you, but about her getting help. Enough soap box for now. Tell me what works for you so we can share successes. Love, Sheryl

velvetelement said...

Sorry you have a sick one, that is never fun for you and so sad for the one who is sick. I hope she is feeling better!

Imagitext said...

Too young? I could have told you two years ago if I had known that feeling 'empty' was a side affect.